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demo your Innovative AI Technology

Have you got cool AI you want to demo? Do you want a chance to showcase your technology in front of the global AI Demo Showcase audience? Then apply below to get on the the schedule for upcoming demos!

Benefits of demoing at AI Demo Showcase

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Online Demo Opportunity:
Showcase to a Worldwide Audience in a Live, Recorded Format

AI Demo Showcase participation lets you expand your reach by broadcasting to a global audience to showcase your AI offerings. Decision makers can view your video when it works for them, and reach out to the contact information provided at the end of the demo. Make real connections all across the globe

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Demo Showcase Benefits

  • Promotion on all of the relevant AI Demo Showcase websites and other locations where the event is promoted along with its sponsors.
  • List in signage & slides used in the AI Demo Showcase and promotion in the event handouts.
  • Full copy of the registration list provided to the Presenter after event
  • Listing on the Event website along with a paragraph of detail, logo, and link.
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    Note: A Fee Applies to Demo at AI Demo Showcase