Great Network

Want to see cool AI technology from around the globe? Want to hear from innovative companies pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with Artificial Intelligence and cognitive technologies? Want to virtually connect with other innovators, thought leaders, decision-makers, influencers, colleagues, industry veterans, techies, startups, government and business folks? Then check out Cognilytica’s AI Demo Showcase.

AI Demo Showcase produced by Cognilytica regularly attracts an audience of influencers, decision makers, and technology innovators through the broad range of Cognilytica’s visibility from our AI Today Podcast, Cognilytica research and advisory subscribers, and our audience in Forbes and TechTarget. The typical audience includes technologists and decision makers at enterprises, government attendees, folks looking to learn more about AI technologies, and AI talent looking for career opportunities.

Extraordinary Experiences

Discover what’s possible with AI. AI Demo Showcase gives you visibility into products and technologies that your company, organization, or agency can adopt to help push your AI initiatives forward.  Learn about new, innovative technologies and make connections with the companies and organizations behind that new technology. Don’t settle for ordinary – discover the extraordinary!

Benefits of Participating in AI Demo Showcase

Whether you participate as an attendee or presenter, you will have a valuable experience participating in the AI Demo Showcase.